Using time-driven activity based costing to calculate radiotherapy costs

Along with chemotherapy and surgery, radiotherapy is one of the three core therapeutic modalities for treating cancer. While brachytherapy places radioactive sources close to or into the tumour, external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) destroys cancer cells by using beams of ionizing radiation. In this interdisciplinary project with the university hospital, a time-driven activity-based costing model was developed to calculate the cost of EBRT treatments. To demonstrate the model’s capabilities, a dataset was constructed for the hypothetical country Europalia.

Defourny, N., Perrier, L., Borras, J.-M., Coffey, M., Corral, J., Dunscombe, P., Hoozée, S., van Loon, J., Grau, C., Lievens, Y., 2019. National costs and resource requirements of external beam radiotherapy: a time-driven activity-based costing model from the ESTRO-HERO project. Radiotherapy & Oncology, 138, 187-194.



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