UGent Talks: Prof. Everaert

“The Accountant and Accounting Education: (un)necessary for the future?”

“No need for accountants in the future!  And the same applies to the doctor and lawyer!”, a call sometimes positioned by non-experts.  Do you dare to think?

The digital evolution will replace (fortunately) some of the repetitive tasks, such as entry of invoices.  However, the task of an accountant involves much more than simply “producing” the annual accounts.  For instance, for adiedereenUGentvising start-ups, coaching key decision makers in a company, analyzing the financial health and explaining the consequences of investments or financing operations, …, we still need a human being as accountant, also in the future!  Combining financial expertise with outstanding communication will make the accountant as one of jobs with the brightest future!

Furthermore, it is important that everyone possesses financial literacy in the current complex society.  To make investments and financing decisions in the personal life, as well as in the leisure time as engaged volunteer in a nonprofit organization (sport club, cultural group, charity, …), accounting knowledge is necessary to understand the consequences of your decisions.  If you want to test your financial literacy, download at the “Balanscentrale,, the annual account of your favorite company and see if you understand “the figures” and have it at your fingertips.

“Accounting education is a must for everyone, especially if you want to peek around the corner!”

Or in Dutch: “Wilmeisjeprof + meisje je gluren bij de buren, dan kan de prof. Boekhouden je daarbij helpen”


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