Playing with Legos … stimulating critical thinking and engaging in active learning

Patricia Everaert and Eveline Opdecam provided an invited Class Room Session at the Annual Conference of the European Accounting Association in Valencia on Wednesday 10th of May, 2017.  They instructed colleagues on active learning by playing with Legos.

By playing a part of the Redesign Game with real Lego-bricks, participants felt how the Redesign Game works for the student.”  Moreover, colleague academics from all over the world experienced the fun of active learning in small teams, which provided ideas to rethink the own teaching.  The game provides an active and fun way to tlego1each target costing, ABC, the cost of quality, the cost of engineering changes, etc.   It has been published in Issues in Accounting Education by Patricia Everaert and Dan Swenson as “Truck Redesign Case: Simulating the Target Costing Process in a New Product Design Environment”, Issues in Accounting Education, Vol. 29, Issue 1, pages 61-85.  In 2012, it has received the best paper Award at the Management Accounting Research Conference of the American Accounting Association.

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