Photo of Prof. dr. Johan ChristiaensProf. dr. Johan Christiaens Professor
+32 (0)9264 3540

Johan Christiaens obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Economic Sciences in 1997 (Ghent University. He has been working as professor since 1998 at Ghent University, faculty of Economics and Business Administration, department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation. His teaching and research focuses mainly on accounting and auditing for not-for-profit organisations. He has published more than 100 papers and articles in several journals and publications.…

Photo of Prof. dr. Ignace De BeeldeProf. dr. Ignace De Beelde Professor
+32 9 2643531

Ignace De Beelde is affiliated as full professor at Ghent University where he lectures in courses on audit and financial reporting. He has been appointed department chair of the department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation of the faculty of Economics and Business Administration. He also is vice-dean responsible for education at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration.…

Photo of Prof. dr. Patricia EveraertProf. dr. Patricia Everaert Professor
+32 9 2643500

Prof. dr. Patricia Everaert obtained her PhD in Management Accounting at Ghent University maxima cum laude(1999), entitled  “The impact of target costing on cost, quality and time-to-market of new products: results from lab experiments”.  During her PhD time, she was a visiting ICM-fellow at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, USA). She is currently an Associate Professor at the department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation.…

Photo of Prof. dr. Sophie HoozéeProf. dr. Sophie Hoozée Professor
+32 9 2643533

Sophie Hoozée is Associate Professor of Management Accounting and Control. She teaches BSc and MSc courses on cost accounting, management accounting and management control. Her research focuses on the design of costing systems and management control systems, especially in societally important contexts. Sophie is an editorial board member of Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal and Social & Environmental Accountability Journal.…

Photo of Prof. dr. Sophie MaussenProf. dr. Sophie Maussen Professor
+32 9 2643568

Sophie Maussen earned her MSc (2014) and PhD (2020) in Business Economics at Ghent University. Since September 2020, Sophie has been working as an Assistant Professor of Accounting at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Ghent University (department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation). She teaches BSc and MSc courses on financial accounting, management accounting, and research methods in accounting.…

Photo of Prof. dr. Evelien OpdecamProf. dr. Evelien Opdecam Professor
+32 9 2643541

Evelien Opdecam (°1984, Gent) obtained the degree of doctor in applied economics in 2014. Currently, she is working as a doctor-assistant at the department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation. Her research area is Accounting Education. Prior to earning her PhD, she was working as an auditor for the Flemish ministry of Education and Training at the Court of Audit.…

Photo of Prof. dr. Philippe Van CauwenbergeProf. dr. Philippe Van Cauwenberge Professor
+32 9 2643535

Philippe Van Cauwenberge is associate professor at the department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation. He teaches the courses “Research methods in accountancy”, “IFRS”  and “Consolidation” in the master of Business Economics, and “Financial Analysis” in the Master of Business Economics. Teaching International Financial Reporting Standards Research Methods in Accounting Analysis of Financial Reports Consolidation Research Expertise His research focuses on the relation between government action and the financial health of corporation, within the context of Flanders.…

Photo of Prof. dr. Heidi Vander BauwhedeProf. dr. Heidi Vander Bauwhede Professor
+32 9 2643505

Heidi Vander Bauwhede holds a PhD from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). In the first half of 2005 she was a visiting scholar at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Her main research interests are in corporate reporting (earnings quality and characteristics), corporate governance (board structure, audit quality and audit committees), and performance evaluation. She has published in various international journals including: Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Corporate Governance: An International Review, and European Accounting review.…

Photo of Thierry Van Loocke Thierry Van Loocke Guest professor

Thierry Van Loocke holds a Master degree in applied economics and a MBA from Vlerick Management School. He has been with Deloitte since 2000. His professional experience includes: audit, due diligence, valuation, consolidation, IFRS and internal control. He is appointed as commercial judge at the Court of Justice in Ghent. Teaching

Photo of Jan Verhoeye Jan Verhoeye Senior lecturer

Jan Verhoeye is senior lecturer in the programmes Bachelor and Master in Business Administration. He teaches various subjects related to corporate accounting and corporate tax. Teaching

Photo of Dave Goyvaerts Dave Goyvaerts Postdoctoral fellow
+32 9 264 3541

Dave Goyvaerts works on a Ph.D. research project entitled "Essays on the impact of Thin Capitalisation rules". He also provides teaching assistance for the courses "Introduction to accountancy" and "Corporate accountancy", both taught in the Bachelor in Business Administration. Teaching assistance


Photo of Pieter Buyl Pieter Buyl Guest Professor
+32 9 264 3566

Pieter Buyl is a visiting professor. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2020 under the guidance of Antoine Doolaege and prof. dr. Ignace De Beelde. Publications    

Photo of Laura Claeys Laura Claeys Scientific staff
+32 9 264 3566

Laura Claeys obtained a MSc in Business Economics-main subject Accountancy at Ghent University. She took the Specific Teachers Training at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Ghent University). Laura is active within the research project NABO (New approach to Accounting Education). In this research project she bridges the gap between theory and practice in accounting in the secondary school.

Photo of Els De Wielemaker Els De Wielemaker Lecturer
+32 9 2643548

Els De Wielemaker is lecturer and co-lecturer in the programmes Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Public Administration and Management. She also teaches various basic, advanced and "current themes" courses in accountancy and tax at the HIAF (Institute for Accountancy and Taxation). Editorial Board

Teaching Publications

Photo of Erik Gjymshana Erik Gjymshana Ph.D. candidate, teaching assistant
+32 9 264 3573

Photo of Karoline Helldorff Karoline Helldorff Ph.D. candidate, teaching assistant
+32 9 264 35 66

Karoline Helldorff has obtained a Law degree at Karl-Franzens-University Graz and a subsequent Master of Laws in Advanced Studies in European Law from Ghent University. She is a PhD student at the Department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation under the supervision of Prof. dr. Johan Christiaens since March 2018. Her research focuses regulatory aspects of accounting standardization in the EU public sector.

Photo of Joke Huysman Joke Huysman Lecturer

Joke Huysman is lecturer and co-lecturer in the programmes Bachelor and Master in Business Administration. She teaches various subjects related to accounting, cost accounting and financial analysis. Teaching

Photo of Elke Minnaert Elke Minnaert Teaching assistant
+32 9 2643547

Elke Minnaert holds a diploma of Master in Business Economics (major in Accountancy) of Ghent University (June 2010). She joined the department of Accounting, Corporate Finance and Taxation of Ghent University in September 2010. She works as a teaching assistant for the courses taught by professor dr. Patricia Everaert and professor Jan Verhoeye. Elke Minnaert provides teaching guidance and assistance for the following courses:

Photo of Christophe Vanhee Christophe Vanhee