Sophie Hoozée publishes teaching case on integrated reporting in Issues in Accounting Education

In contrast to standalone sustainability reporting, integrated reporting takes into account the connectivity and interdependencies between social, environmental and financial actions and impacts. Through the reporting practices of Telenet, a Belgian telecommunication company, the teaching case demonstrates the pivotal role of materiality and completeness in assessing the quality of sustainability reporting and exposes students to the challenges that companies may face in developing their integrated reporting.

Bouten, L., Hoozée, S., 2015. Challenges in sustainability and integrated reporting. Issues in Accounting Education, 30(4), 373-381.

How to reduce slack in your company?

Budgetary slack means that managers are asking more resources than strictly needed. Creating slack is considered as a general phenomenon in organizations, because people are used to “ask everything to get something”. Dr. Jolien De Baerdemaeker and Prof. dr. Werner Bruggeman, however, found in their research that top management can create conditions to reduce budgetary slack. How?

Read the article on the “Innovation today” blog. See also: Management Accounting Research,

Evelien Opdecam wins BAFA Best Paper Award 2015

Dr. Evelien Opdecam received the Best Paper Award 2015 during the BAFA Annual Conference (British Accounting and Finance Association), Accounting Education Special Interest Group.
She won this award with the paper “Heterogeneous versus Homegeneous Groups in Team Learning: Beneficial for both High- and Low-ability students?”. Authors are dr. Evelien Opdecam, prof. dr. Patricia Everaert and prof. dr. Hilde Van Keer.
This congress took place from May 6th until May 8th 2015 at the Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK.