Advantages and disadvantages of the 9 types of corporations for start-ups?

In this study, we investigate the advantages and disadvantages of nine types of corporations, as defined in the Belgian Company Law. Based on the specifications in the Company Law, a literature review and interviews with seven experts from the field, hypotheses are formulated.   Secondly, several important advantages are analyzed, such as the speed of administration when starting, the initial required capital, the mandatory (or voluntary) publication of the annual accounts (and the results in particular), the limited liability, the flexibility in governance, the ease of in and out of new shareholders and the difficulty to obtain additional loans from the bank.

Ghesquière Maxim, Everaert Patricia, De Groote Bertel, 2017, “Voor- en nadelen van de 9 populaire vennootschapsvormen voor een startende onderneming”, Accountancy & Bedrijfskunde, No. 2, p. 3- 18–most-recent-issue#/

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